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Australian Opals To Buy

The Opal Sheriff program is managed by a panel of gemmologistsso our sellers are updated with all latest developments in the opal industry. We do not allow opals from Indonesia or Ethiopia to be called black opal, unless an approved gemmological laboratory issue certification. Gemstone testing laboratories also have to be approved by our Opal sheriff program.

australian opals to buy


Many Ethiopian opals are smoked or treated and our sellerswill supply accurate descriptions so that buyers can have confidence ourdescriptions are accurate to the highest standard. Black Opals are fromLightning Ridge and our sellers must have accurate description in regards to Body Tone as only body tone N1 to N4 is considered black Opal. A opal with N5 to N6 is considered semi black or dark opal.

Many buyers do ask is opal an investment? Founder Wayne Sedawie has seen red fire on black opals from lightning ridge increase by over 20% per year in last 30 years. Today black opals are getting harder to find and no reason why they will not keep increasing as demand is so high for raregems and opals.

Welcome to Black Lightning Opals. All of our loose natural opal gemstones are proudly selected on site in Lightning Ridge New South Wales Australia, then cut and polished and ready to be set in jewellery, so you are sure that you are getting authentic and the best quality Australian opals. We offer you only high grade Solid Black Opal, Dark Opal, Crystal Opal and Light Opal.

I had a passion for Australian opal since I first got to this beautiful country 30 years ago. I read all about this unique gem. Apart from its natural beauty and many forms, I read about its healing properties. As years went by I have visited opal mines, opal fairs and many markets. I bought several stones of which I would post as presents to family and friends living abroad. I loved getting rough opals and exposing the beautiful colors using a cabbing machine. I have been using different selling platforms to sell some of the stones. The flow of 2020 has forced me and my two young boys to be home bound. We used this opportunity to turn my hobby into a family business venture. I thought, why not have my own site to sell the stones? I have built many good relationships overtime with miners and dealers alike. I can offer better value not paying the fees to other platforms. Yes the trade will be slower at first but the value to the customer will be better buying on our site, and overtime that should be recognised. The boys are learning about the business and opals. I am following what I love. It is said that if you follow what you love and dedicate your time to it, you will not work a day in your life. I am testing this theory. The healing properties of that stone must be working, as the three of us are feeling good and having a great time doing it. This is despite the state the world is in at the moment. You may come across our social pages and see all of us on many posts overtime. The posts, photos and videos might not be perfect though. We want to represent the stones and ourselves as real as possible. I hope you don't give us hard time over it. The photos are not photo shopped, they are real and many stones will look better in your hand than they do on the photos. Our mission is to have fun, offer honest value and build many long lasting relationships through trading this Australian gift. We will always be happy to take the products back if the customer is not satisfied with it. Such is the nature of the opals that they look different in every light and from every angle. Some of you may visualize the stones differently based on the pictures or videos. We understand that and we will take the product back no questions ask. We are hoping that many of you will help us build a happy, honest, successful family business and all will get rewarded through our journey.

Aus Opal Store sells only Australian opals. We source our precious gems directly from miners, private collectors and wholesale dealers. We have all types of Australian opal which is considered the best opal in the world. 95 percent of the world's opals come from Australia and Aus Opal Store would like to share these special stones with the world.

From 1970 to 1975 about 200 small, independent opal factories operated full time here. In recent years Australian mines have produced a smaller volume of opals, so that now there are about 30 opal factories, most with fewer than 20 employees. They are keenly competitive in supplying top-quality processed opals at reasonable prices. The value of an opal goes up about 20% annually.

Hong Kong dealers sell all types of Australian opal, including the most precious black ones that are mined in Lightning Ridge. Also, light opals from Coober Pedy and Andamooka mines in South Australia and Mintabie opals with their fiery cross inclusions.

Avoid being duped into buying synthetic or treated stones, and beware of sellers who offer doublets (a thin slice of light opal joined to a dark background of stone, called potch ) or triplets (same as a doublet, but with a thin slice of quartz over the opal) as solid opals. Check opals under light for signs of cracking and/or ridges of dirt within the stone.

One of the largest of these is Opal Creations (Burlington House, ground floor inside the arcade, 92 Nathan Road, Tsimshatsui), featuring more than 2,000 jewelry designs with opals set in 14- or 18-karat gold, often in combination with diamonds and colored gemstones. These range from very modest souvenir items to high-ticket extravaganzas.

The price for 16-inch strings of round opal beads is about $250, flat-shaped beads (87 karats) with a 14-karat gold clasp cost about $700, and necklaces with opals set in 14-karat gold cost $850 and up.

Thirty-two prepacked oval opals cost about $2,500 and up, depending on quality and total karats. A magnificent black 4.34-karat stone, kept in the safe, is priced at about $50,000. Attractive set pieces include tie tacks ($100), cufflinks ($700 to $1,000) and butterfly pins ($100 to $150).

Sunny Tsui Jewelry (Golden Mile Holiday Inn, Shop M2, 46-52 Nathan Road, Kowloon) has a superb range of loose opals and fine settings for very reasonable prices, and offers reliable personal service, including in-depth and accurate explanations about qualities of individual stones and prompt setting to specifications, in pieces you help to design.

Oval earrings cost $32 and up; hoops of opals set in 14-karat gold cost $92. Bangles with three opals set into 14-karat gold cost $200. Fourteen-karat gold rings with formal settings of opals and diamonds are $250 and up.

Black Star Opal is the world's leading online opal boutique, specialising in natural, high quality Australian opal and opal jewellery. With more than 50 years' experience and expertise in the Australian opal industry, we are proud to offer the most exceptional online shopping experience featuring handcrafted, unique jewellery pieces and ethically sourced opals to suit all styles and budgets.

Prized for centuries, Australian opal is in demand globally thanks to its uniquely beautiful 'play of colour', mesmerising patterns and rarity. Learn more about why opals are among the most popular gemstones today and how to buy them with confidence.

As one of the earliest online opal jewellery boutiques, Black Star Opal serves thousands of satisfied customers around the world who are captivated by our curated collections featuring handcrafted, unique pieces designed by our team of expert opal jewellery designers.Based in Australia, Black Star Opal is part of an established and reputable opal company, directly connected to an extensive network of Australian opal miners - including hunters of the rare Lightning Ridge black opal - which ensures our opals are ethically sourced and prices remain competitive and affordable.

Opals Australia is the name associated with quality opal jewellery for over 80 years. We have long been the leader in opals as well as the promotion of opal jewellery worldwide.

In recent years we have introduced new lines of opal jewellery to tailor for the change in consumer preference and taste. This includes the trend setting Phoenix premium Sterling Silver jewellery range, and the ultra premium Veritas collection, which uses premium Australian crystal opals set into the beautifully crafted 18K gold settings.

The National Opal Collection is the leading supplier of Australian opals, including beautiful white, black and boulder opals, as well asexquisite opal jewellery. Our company, with over 50 years experience in the gem and jewellery trade, is recognized globally for our stunning Australian opals & beautifully-crafted jewellery.

Located in the heart of Sydney and Melbourne and showcased in two stunningshowrooms, The National Opal Collection is a treasure trove of beautifulAustralian opals. Whether it be a romantic gift, a treasured heirloom, aninvestment stone, a fashion statement or a souvenir of the trip of a lifetime,the National Opal Collection will have just the piece for you.

The National Opal Collection is able to provide Australian opals direct fromthe opal mines to you. We are involved in opal mining, opal cutting, jewellerydesign and manufacture. Not only will you be buying with confidence atcompetitive prices, you can also enjoy our incredible opal museum displays.Here you can discover the link between opals and the dinosaur! See opalisedfossils of prehistoric animals and plants displayed amongst three dimensionaldioramas of prehistoric Australia.

Glass opals can be produced in an array of colours designed to mimic the physical appearance of natural opals. There are two main types of glass used to reproduce fake opals. Slocum stone is a silicate type of glass that features flakes of iridescent film that replicate the play of colour seen in genuine opal. Opalescent glass is the other commonly used manmade glass. It possesses a sheen-like lustre that, to the untrained eye, may appear as genuine opal. Opalite is a type of man-made plastic with an opalescence effect and is sometimes used to create fake opals. 041b061a72

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